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We seek to balance the scales of legal discovery.

ESI Analyst enables every case or investigation to have access to technology, regardless of case value.

ESI Analyst is a highly effective and affordable electronic discovery investigation platform that provides a suite of metadata analysis tools. Leveraging intelligent link analysis our SaaS platform allows for data visualization, reporting and review of multiple disparate forms of metadata, culminating in a succinct graphical timeline of events.

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ESI Analyst is a cloud-based electronic discovery investigation platform that empowers legal teams and investigators with a suite of data visualization, reporting, review and tagging tools, all culminating in a powerful timeline presentation of facts. Leveraging the Dublin Core Metadata Interoperability standards paired with the power of metadata link analysis, ESI Analyst speeds electronic discovery and investigations lowering overall case costs.

Our simple and easy to use "Click-Through to Investigate" graphical analysis tools render visual representations of multiple relevant data types spanning text messages, email, social media, geolocation, computer forensic data, transactions and more. Our SaaS based platform expedites early case assessment and analysis, enabling the rapid understanding of data context combined with the actions of case actors; whether a single individual or multiple actors of varying relevance to your matter.

ESI Analyst's project team interface can be accessed from anywhere, enabling investigators, experts and counsel to communicate and collaborate, so that they can better advocate on their client’s behalf. 


Saved Searches

Expedite review and analysis using our saved search functionality! Available for data review and all graphic analysis tools.

Investigate Faster

"Click-Through to Investigate" graphical Insights and Analysis tools speed investigation, tagging and review of relevant data. 

Unlimited Users

Add and remove users as needed at the Project level at your convenience and without hesitation. No administrative assistance required! 

Secure Hosting

Our private cloud is a FEDRAMP authorized FISMA certified data center, providing top-tier compliance and data security to our Partners. 

Work Globally

Users can log in from anywhere to collaborate on case facts, upload new data, and perform analysis and review.  

Data Security

Two-factor authentication, paired with project role-based user level permissions, and PII field level encryption for data security and regulatory compliance.

Simple Licensing

No per gigabyte fees! Usage based and per project licensing available, with ability to archive inactive projects for cost savings.

Graphical Timelines

Rapidly prepare Timelines of Events related to case Actors, making case facts easy to understand and readily available to all Project Users. 


Every project has a built-in discussion board where users can share notes and documents, making for seamless collaboration. 


Text, SMS, Chat Threading

Easily investigate and analyze SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, iMessage, Facebook Messenger and more using our text-based communication threading technology. Text message communications are broken out into daily chat threads, providing visualization similar to how they appeared on the end-user's phone complete with embedded images and video. Quickly print, bulk tag, or export text messages garnering full context of the conversation simplifying discovery workflows and review. 

Timeline of Events

Create a timeline of key events leveraging our easy to use "Add to Timeline" review tagging methodology, allowing you to demonstrate a series of Actions by specific Actors in chronological order. The Timeline of Events is the culmination of your investigative work, auto-revealing each key event and its correlating data type in a sequential format, generating a clear preponderance of evidence for your investigative team.

Dynamic Charts

Instant data insights appear as you load metadata for analysis and review. Quickly understand your data with interactive charts and graphs. Each chart or graph allows you to "Click-Through to Investigate" and begin review of that particular data set. Some charts allow for dynamic update by clicking on the key name to redraw the chart accordingly. Click the slices of the pie chart or click on the chart key to see a demonstration.

Region Aware Geolocation Maps

ESI Analyst is able to perform geolocation lookups using latitude and longitude, addresses, or IP Addresses (down to a region or city). Using region bound technology, we group like data types for quick identification of regional clusters of activity surrounding GPS data, Social Media, or Transactions (if an IP Address is provided). In-map review and analysis is available, providing users with a way to review and tag relevant data directly in the map interface rather than having to use page-by-page review.

Hashtag Word Cloud Chart

Quickly understand the context of Social Media posts using our Hashtag Word Cloud. Examine frequency of Hashtags by hovering over the word or quickly click through to review related Social Media posts. Hashtags appear larger for those more frequently used within your data set. Use our advanced filters to zero in on specific sentiment during a given time period, or narrow to a specific Actor to isolate usage for a targeted individual or group of individuals relevant to your investigation. Hashtags are automatically extracted!

Most Frequently Contacted

Need to know who is speaking to whom? Our Communication Frequency tools will help you quickly understand with whom a key Actor is communicating. Whether it be email, text, phone calls, or chat logs, you can quickly ascertain who is the most frequently contacted individual among the Actor's contacts. Once you have isolated a potential contact email or phone number of interest, click on the bar and launch review of those items, allowing you to add key conversations to your Timeline of Events.  

Transactional Analysis

Is money changing hands at the heart of your investigation? While financial records are sometimes harder to come by in an investigation, if you do have them, they can reveal clear motivation of an individual or group of individuals' nefarious activities. ESI Analyst has transactional analysis at your fingertips, providing a broad range of categories for quick bucketing and analysis of debits and credits associated with each. Using advanced filters you can isolate transactions associated with a specific Actor during a specific date range, or within a certain dollar amount.

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Want to see how ESI Analyst can help your practice? We are currently seeking Channel Partners to be part of our new wave of discovery innovation. Contact us directly or fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. 

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